Class WsEngineSettings

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public class WsEngineSettings extends Object implements Debug
  • Field Details

    • maxFrameSize

      protected final int maxFrameSize
    • maxMessageSize

      protected final int maxMessageSize
    • serverCompressionLevel

      protected final int serverCompressionLevel
    • clientCompressionLevel

      protected final int clientCompressionLevel
    • serverNoContextTakeover

      protected final boolean serverNoContextTakeover
    • clientNoContextTakeover

      protected final boolean clientNoContextTakeover
    • serverMaxWindowBits

      protected final int serverMaxWindowBits
    • clientMaxWindowBits

      protected final int clientMaxWindowBits
    • autoClose

      protected final boolean autoClose
  • Constructor Details

    • WsEngineSettings

      public WsEngineSettings(int maxFrameSize, int maxMessageSize, int serverCompressionLevel, int clientCompressionLevel, boolean serverNoContextTakeover, boolean clientNoContextTakeover, int serverMaxWindowBits, int clientMaxWindowBits, boolean autoClose)
  • Method Details

    • maxFrameSize

      public final int maxFrameSize()
    • maxFrameSize

      public WsEngineSettings maxFrameSize(int maxFrameSize)
    • maxMessageSize

      public final int maxMessageSize()
    • maxMessageSize

      public WsEngineSettings maxMessageSize(int maxMessageSize)
    • serverCompressionLevel

      public final int serverCompressionLevel()
    • serverCompressionLevel

      public WsEngineSettings serverCompressionLevel(int serverCompressionLevel)
    • clientCompressionLevel

      public final int clientCompressionLevel()
    • clientCompressionLevel

      public WsEngineSettings clientCompressionLevel(int clientCompressionLevel)
    • compressionLevel

      public WsEngineSettings compressionLevel(int serverCompressionLevel, int clientCompressionLevel)
    • serverNoContextTakeover

      public final boolean serverNoContextTakeover()
    • serverNoContextTakeover

      public WsEngineSettings serverNoContextTakeover(boolean serverNoContextTakeover)
    • clientNoContextTakeover

      public final boolean clientNoContextTakeover()
    • clientNoContextTakeover

      public WsEngineSettings clientNoContextTakeover(boolean clientNoContextTakeover)
    • serverMaxWindowBits

      public final int serverMaxWindowBits()
    • serverMaxWindowBits

      public WsEngineSettings serverMaxWindowBits(int serverMaxWindowBits)
    • clientMaxWindowBits

      public final int clientMaxWindowBits()
    • clientMaxWindowBits

      public WsEngineSettings clientMaxWindowBits(int clientMaxWindowBits)
    • autoClose

      public WsEngineSettings autoClose(boolean autoClose)
    • autoClose

      public final boolean autoClose()
    • extensions

      public FingerTrieSeq<WebSocketExtension> extensions()
    • acceptExtensions

      public FingerTrieSeq<WebSocketExtension> acceptExtensions(FingerTrieSeq<WebSocketExtension> requestExtensions)
    • handshakeRequest

      public WsRequest handshakeRequest(Uri uri, FingerTrieSeq<String> protocols, FingerTrieSeq<HttpHeader> headers)
    • handshakeRequest

      public WsRequest handshakeRequest(Uri uri, FingerTrieSeq<String> protocols, HttpHeader... headers)
    • handshakeRequest

      public WsRequest handshakeRequest(Uri uri, FingerTrieSeq<String> protocols)
    • handshakeRequest

      public WsRequest handshakeRequest(Uri uri, HttpHeader... headers)
    • handshakeRequest

      public WsRequest handshakeRequest(Uri uri)
    • toValue

      public Value toValue()
    • copy

      protected WsEngineSettings copy(int maxFrameSize, int maxMessageSize, int serverCompressionLevel, int clientCompressionLevel, boolean serverNoContextTakeover, boolean clientNoContextTakeover, int serverMaxWindowBits, int clientMaxWindowBits, boolean autoClose)
    • canEqual

      public boolean canEqual(Object other)
    • equals

      public boolean equals(Object other)
      equals in class Object
    • hashCode

      public int hashCode()
      hashCode in class Object
    • debug

      public <T> Output<T> debug(Output<T> output)
      Description copied from interface: Debug
      Writes a developer readable, debug-formatted string representation of this object to output.
      Specified by:
      debug in interface Debug
      the continuation of the output.
    • toString

      public String toString()
      toString in class Object
    • standard

      public static WsEngineSettings standard()
    • noCompression

      public static WsEngineSettings noCompression()
    • defaultCompression

      public static WsEngineSettings defaultCompression()
    • fastestCompression

      public static WsEngineSettings fastestCompression()
    • bestCompression

      public static WsEngineSettings bestCompression()
    • engineForm

      @Kind public static Form<WsEngineSettings> engineForm()