Module swim.warp
Package swim.warp

Class Envelope

All Implemented Interfaces:
Direct Known Subclasses:
HostAddressed, LaneAddressed

public abstract class Envelope extends Object implements Debug
  • Method Details

    • tag

      public abstract String tag()
    • form

      public abstract Form<? extends Envelope> form()
    • nodeUri

      public abstract Uri nodeUri()
    • laneUri

      public abstract Uri laneUri()
    • body

      public abstract Value body()
    • nodeUri

      public abstract Envelope nodeUri(Uri node)
    • laneUri

      public abstract Envelope laneUri(Uri lane)
    • body

      public abstract Envelope body(Value body)
    • toValue

      public Value toValue()
    • reconEncoder

      public Encoder<?,Envelope> reconEncoder()
    • reconWriter

      public Writer<?,?> reconWriter()
    • writeRecon

      public Writer<?,?> writeRecon(Output<?> output)
    • toRecon

      public String toRecon()
    • debug

      public abstract <T> Output<T> debug(Output<T> output)
      Description copied from interface: Debug
      Writes a developer readable, debug-formatted string representation of this object to output.
      Specified by:
      debug in interface Debug
      the continuation of the output.
    • toString

      public String toString()
      toString in class Object
    • decoder

      public static Decoder<Envelope> decoder()
    • encoder

      public static Encoder<Envelope,Envelope> encoder()
    • fromValue

      public static Envelope fromValue(Value value)
    • parseRecon

      public static Envelope parseRecon(String recon)
    • form

      public static <E extends Envelope> Form<E> form(String tag)