Interface IpSocketContext

All Superinterfaces:
FlowContext, IpContext, IpSocketRef

public interface IpSocketContext extends IpSocketRef, FlowContext
Network socket context that manages asynchronous I/O operations for a non-blocking NIO network channel. An IpSocketContext is implicitly bound to an IpSocket, providing the IpSocket with the ability to modify its FlowControl state, access its read and write buffers, to become a different kind of IpSocket, and to close the socket.
  • Method Details

    • ipSettings

      IpSettings ipSettings()
      Returns the configuration parameters that govern the underlying network socket.
    • inputBuffer

      InputBuffer inputBuffer()
      Returns the buffer into which input data is read by the underlying network socket. The bound IpSocket reads from this buffer in response to doRead callbacks.
    • outputBuffer

      OutputBuffer<?> outputBuffer()
      Returns the buffer from which output data is written by the underlying network socket. The bound IpSocket writes to this buffer in repsonse to doWrite callbacks.
    • become

      void become(IpSocket socket)
      Rebinds this IpSocketContext to a new socket implementation, thereby changing the IpSocket handler that receives network I/O callbacks.