Module swim.deflate
Package swim.deflate

Class Inflate<O>

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class Inflate<O> extends Decoder<O> implements Cloneable
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  • Constructor Details

    • Inflate

      public Inflate(Decoder<O> output, int wrap, int windowBits)
    • Inflate

      public Inflate(Decoder<O> output, int wrap)
    • Inflate

      public Inflate(Decoder<O> output)
    • Inflate

      public Inflate(int wrap, int windowBits)
    • Inflate

      public Inflate(int wrap)
    • Inflate

      public Inflate()
  • Method Details

    • inflateResetKeep

      public void inflateResetKeep()
    • inflateReset

      public void inflateReset()
    • inflateReset

      public void inflateReset(int wrap, int windowBits)
    • inflateInit

      protected void inflateInit(int wrap, int windowBits)
    • initWindow

      public void initWindow()
    • clone

      public Inflate<O> clone()
      clone in class Object
    • flush

      public Inflate<O> flush(int flush)
    • feed

      public Decoder<O> feed(InputBuffer input)
      Description copied from class: Decoder
      Incrementally decodes as much input buffer data as possible, and returns another Decoder that represents the continuation of how to decode additional buffer data. If isLast is true, then feed must return a terminated Decoder, i.e. a Decoder in the done state, or in the error state. The given input buffer is only guaranteed to be valid for the duration of the method call; references to input must not be stored.
      Specified by:
      feed in class Decoder<O>
    • inflate

      public boolean inflate(int flush)