Module swim.kernel
Package swim.kernel

Interface Kernel

All Known Subinterfaces:
KernelBinding, KernelContext
All Known Implementing Classes:
ActorKernel, AuthenticatorKernel, BootKernel, DbStoreKernel, JavaKernel, JsKernel, KernelProxy, MemStoreKernel, MetaKernel, RemoteKernel, ServiceKernel, UiRouter, WebServiceKernel

public interface Kernel
  • Method Details

    • kernelPriority

      double kernelPriority()
      Returns the relative priority of this Kernel implementation. Kernel implementations with greater priority inject into kernel stacks before implementations with lower priority.
    • injectKernel

      Kernel injectKernel(Kernel kernel)
      Returns a Kernel implementation with the combined capabilities of this Kernel implementation and the given kernel implementation.
    • unwrapKernel

      <T> T unwrapKernel(Class<T> kernelClass)
    • defineService

      ServiceDef defineService(Item serviceConfig)
    • createServiceFactory

      ServiceFactory<?> createServiceFactory(ServiceDef serviceDef, ClassLoader classLoader)
    • openService

      <S extends Service> S openService(String serviceName, ServiceFactory<S> serviceFactory)
    • openService

      default Service openService(ServiceDef serviceDef, ClassLoader classLoader)
    • openService

      default Service openService(ServiceDef serviceDef)
    • getService

      Service getService(String serviceName)
    • defineSpace

      SpaceDef defineSpace(Item spaceConfig)
    • openSpace

      Space openSpace(SpaceDef spaceDef)
    • getSpace

      Space getSpace(String spaceName)
    • definePlane

      PlaneDef definePlane(Item planeConfig)
    • createPlaneFactory

      PlaneFactory<?> createPlaneFactory(PlaneDef planeDef, ClassLoader classLoader)
    • createPlaneFactory

      <P extends Plane> PlaneFactory<P> createPlaneFactory(Class<? extends P> planeClass)
    • defineAgent

      AgentDef defineAgent(Item agentConfig)
    • createAgentFactory

      AgentFactory<?> createAgentFactory(AgentDef agentDef, ClassLoader classLoader)
    • createAgentFactory

      <A extends Agent> AgentFactory<A> createAgentFactory(Class<? extends A> agentClass)
    • isStarted

      boolean isStarted()
    • start

      void start()
    • stop

      void stop()
    • run

      void run()