Module swim.db
Package swim.db

Class FileStore


public class FileStore extends Store
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  • Method Details

    • storeContext

      public final StoreContext storeContext()
      Specified by:
      storeContext in class Store
    • database

      public final Database database()
      Specified by:
      database in class Store
    • directory

      public final File directory()
    • baseName

      public final String baseName()
    • zoneFileExt

      public final String zoneFileExt()
    • stage

      public final Stage stage()
      Specified by:
      stage in class Store
    • pageCache

      public final HashGenCacheSet<Page> pageCache()
    • size

      public final long size()
      Specified by:
      size in class Store
    • isCommitting

      public final boolean isCommitting()
      Specified by:
      isCommitting in class Store
    • isCompacting

      public final boolean isCompacting()
      Specified by:
      isCompacting in class Store
    • open

      public boolean open()
      Specified by:
      open in class Store
    • willOpen

      protected void willOpen()
      Lifecycle callback invoked upon entering the opening state.
    • onOpen

      protected void onOpen()
      Lifecycle callback invoked to actually open the store.
    • didOpen

      protected void didOpen()
      Lifecycle callback invoked upon entering the opened state.
    • close

      public boolean close()
      Specified by:
      close in class Store
    • willClose

      protected void willClose()
      Lifecycle callback invoked upon entering the closing state.
    • onClose

      protected void onClose()
      Lifecycle callback invoked to actually close the store.
    • didClose

      protected void didClose()
      Lifecycle callback invoked upon entering the closed state.
    • oldestZoneId

      public int oldestZoneId()
      Specified by:
      oldestZoneId in class Store
    • newestZoneId

      public int newestZoneId()
      Specified by:
      newestZoneId in class Store
    • zone

      public FileZone zone()
      Specified by:
      zone in class Store
    • zone

      public FileZone zone(int zoneId)
      Specified by:
      zone in class Store
    • openZone

      protected Zone openZone()
    • openZone

      public FileZone openZone(int zoneId)
      Specified by:
      openZone in class Store
    • deletePost

      public void deletePost(int post)
      Specified by:
      deletePost in class Store
    • delete

      public boolean delete()
    • openDatabase

      public Database openDatabase()
      Specified by:
      openDatabase in class Store
    • openPageLoader

      public PageLoader openPageLoader(TreeDelegate treeDelegate, boolean isResident)
      Specified by:
      openPageLoader in class Store
    • commitAsync

      public void commitAsync(Commit commit)
      Specified by:
      commitAsync in class Store
    • shiftZone

      public FileZone shiftZone()
      Specified by:
      shiftZone in class Store
    • zoneFile

      protected File zoneFile(int zone)
    • zoneFiles

      protected TreeMap<Integer,File> zoneFiles()