Module swim.db
Package swim.db

Class Database


public class Database extends Object
  • Method Details

    • store

      public Store store()
    • settings

      public StoreSettings settings()
    • stage

      public Stage stage()
    • databaseDelegate

      public DatabaseDelegate databaseDelegate()
    • setDatabaseDelegate

      public void setDatabaseDelegate(DatabaseDelegate delegate)
    • germ

      public Germ germ()
    • stem

      public int stem()
    • post

      public int post()
    • version

      public long version()
    • diffSize

      public long diffSize()
    • treeSize

      public long treeSize()
    • treeCount

      public long treeCount()
    • trunkCount

      public int trunkCount()
    • isCompacting

      public boolean isCompacting()
    • open

      public boolean open()
    • willOpen

      protected void willOpen()
      Lifecycle callback invoked upon entering the opening state.
    • onOpen

      protected void onOpen()
      Lifecycle callback invoked to actually open the database.
    • didOpen

      protected void didOpen()
      Lifecycle callback invoked upon entering the opened state.
    • close

      public boolean close()
    • willClose

      protected void willClose()
      Lifecycle callback invoked upon entering the closing state.
    • onClose

      protected void onClose()
      Lifecycle callback invoked to actually close the database.
    • didClose

      protected void didClose()
      Lifecycle callback invoked upon entering the closed state.
    • openTrunk

      public <T extends Tree> Trunk<T> openTrunk(Value name, TreeType treeType, boolean isResident, boolean isTransient)
    • openBTreeTrunk

      public Trunk<BTree> openBTreeTrunk(Value name, boolean isResident, boolean isTransient)
    • openBTreeMap

      public BTreeMap openBTreeMap(Value name, boolean isResident, boolean isTransient)
    • openBTreeMap

      public BTreeMap openBTreeMap(Value name)
    • openBTreeMap

      public BTreeMap openBTreeMap(String name)
    • openQTreeTrunk

      public Trunk<QTree> openQTreeTrunk(Value name, boolean isResident, boolean isTransient)
    • openQTreeMap

      public <S> QTreeMap<S> openQTreeMap(Value name, Z2Form<S> shapeForm, boolean isResident, boolean isTransient)
    • openQTreeMap

      public <S> QTreeMap<S> openQTreeMap(Value name, Z2Form<S> shapeForm)
    • openQTreeMap

      public <S> QTreeMap<S> openQTreeMap(String name, Z2Form<S> shapeForm)
    • openSTreeTrunk

      public Trunk<STree> openSTreeTrunk(Value name, boolean isResident, boolean isTransient)
    • openSTreeList

      public STreeList openSTreeList(Value name, boolean isResident, boolean isTransient)
    • openSTreeList

      public STreeList openSTreeList(Value name)
    • openSTreeList

      public STreeList openSTreeList(String name)
    • openUTreeValue

      public UTreeValue openUTreeValue(Value name)
    • openUTreeValue

      public UTreeValue openUTreeValue(String name)
    • closeTrunk

      public Trunk<Tree> closeTrunk(Value name)
    • removeTree

      public void removeTree(Value name)
    • commitAsync

      public void commitAsync(Commit commit)
    • commit

      public Chunk commit(Commit commit) throws InterruptedException
    • shiftZone

      public void shiftZone()
    • commitChunk

      public Chunk commitChunk(Commit commit, int zone, long base)
    • uncommit

      public void uncommit(long version)
    • trees

      public Iterator<MetaTree> trees()
    • leafs

      public Iterator<MetaLeaf> leafs()
    • databaseDidCreateTrunk

      public void databaseDidCreateTrunk(Trunk<?> trunk)
    • databaseDidOpenTrunk

      public void databaseDidOpenTrunk(Trunk<?> trunk)
    • databaseDidUpdateTrunk

      public void databaseDidUpdateTrunk(Trunk<?> trunk, Tree newTree, Tree oldTree, long newVersion)
    • databaseDidCloseTrunk

      public void databaseDidCloseTrunk(Trunk<?> trunk)