Module swim.codec
Package swim.codec

Interface Display

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Absent, AbstractRecordOutlet, AbstractRecordStreamlet, AndOperator, Attr, AvroName, AvroNamespace, BinaryOperator, BitwiseAndOperator, BitwiseNotOperator, BitwiseOrOperator, BitwiseXorOperator, Bool, BridgeFunc, ChildrenSelector, ConditionalOperator, Data, DescendantsSelector, Diagnostic, DivideOperator, DownlinkRecord, DownlinkStreamlet, EqOperator, Expression, Extant, Field, FilterSelector, Func, GeOperator, GetAttrSelector, GetItemSelector, GetSelector, GtOperator, IdentitySelector, InvokeOperator, Item, KeysSelector, LambdaFunc, LeOperator, ListDownlinkRecord, LiteralSelector, LtOperator, MapDownlinkRecord, Mark, MinusOperator, ModuloOperator, NegativeOperator, NeOperator, NotOperator, Num, Operator, OrOperator, PlusOperator, PositiveOperator, Record, RecordModel, RecordScope, RecordStreamlet, Selector, Slot, Span, Tag, Text, TimesOperator, UnaryOperator, Uri, UriAuthority, UriFragment, UriHost, UriPath, UriPattern, UriPort, UriQuery, UriScheme, UriUser, Value, ValueDownlinkRecord, ValuesSelector

public interface Display
Type that can output a human readable display string. Display implementations may use Output.settings() to tailor the format of their display strings. For example, display strings may be stylized when OutputSettings.isStyled() returns true.
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type
    <T> Output<T>
    display(Output<T> output)
    Writes a human readable, display-formatted string representation of this object to output.
  • Method Details

    • display

      <T> Output<T> display(Output<T> output)
      Writes a human readable, display-formatted string representation of this object to output.
      the continuation of the output.
      OutputException - if the output exits the cont state before the full display string has been written.