Variable BooleansConst

Booleans: {
    compare(x, y) => number;
    fromLike<T>(value) => boolean | Uninitable<T>;
    hash(x) => number;

Utilities for comparing and hashing booleans.

Type declaration

  • compare:function
    • Returns the relative order of x with respect to y. Returns -1 if x is true and y is false; returns 1 if x is false and y is true; and returns 0 if x and y are equal booleans. If either x or y is null or undefined, then booleans order before null, and null orders before undefined.


      • x: boolean
      • y: boolean

      Returns number

  • fromLike:function
    • Type Parameters

      • T extends string | number | boolean


      • value: T

      Returns boolean | Uninitable<T>

  • hash:function
    • Returns a hash code for a number.


      • x: boolean

      Returns number

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