Module swim.dynamic
Package swim.dynamic

Class BridgeGuest

All Implemented Interfaces:
Direct Known Subclasses:
GuestAgent, GuestAgentRoute, GuestDidClear, GuestDidClose, GuestDidCommand, GuestDidConnect, GuestDidDisconnect, GuestDidDownlinkMap, GuestDidDownlinkValue, GuestDidDrop, GuestDidEnter, GuestDidFail, GuestDidLeave, GuestDidMoveIndex, GuestDidMoveShape, GuestDidRemoveIndex, GuestDidRemoveKey, GuestDidRemoveShape, GuestDidSet, GuestDidTake, GuestDidUpdateIndex, GuestDidUpdateKey, GuestDidUpdateShape, GuestDidUplink, GuestOnCommand, GuestOnCue, GuestOnCueKey, GuestOnSyncKeys, GuestPlane, GuestWillClear, GuestWillCommand, GuestWillDownlinkMap, GuestWillDownlinkValue, GuestWillDrop, GuestWillEnter, GuestWillLeave, GuestWillMoveIndex, GuestWillMoveShape, GuestWillRemoveIndex, GuestWillRemoveKey, GuestWillRemoveShape, GuestWillSet, GuestWillTake, GuestWillUpdateIndex, GuestWillUpdateKey, GuestWillUpdateShape, GuestWillUplink

public class BridgeGuest extends Object implements GuestWrapper
A host object that wraps a guest value and its dynamic bridge. Used as a base class for strongly typed host objects that wrap guest values, such as host functional interface implementations that invoke guest functions.
  • Field Details

    • bridge

      protected final Bridge bridge
    • guest

      protected final Object guest
  • Constructor Details

    • BridgeGuest

      public BridgeGuest(Bridge bridge, Object guest)
  • Method Details

    • bridge

      public final Bridge bridge()
    • unwrap

      public final Object unwrap()
      Description copied from interface: GuestWrapper
      Returns the guest value that this host object wraps.
      Specified by:
      unwrap in interface GuestWrapper