Swim Swim Frontend Stack licensenpm package

Swim is a full stack streaming application platform for building stateful services, streaming APIs, and real-time UIs.

  • Streaming applications push data through the full application stack, eliminating the need for polling.
  • Stateful services remember what they're doing between operations, taking queries off the critical path.
  • Streaming APIs publish differential state changes, streaming only what each client chooses to observe.
  • Real-time UIs render live views of distributed application state that update with half-ping latency.

The Swim frontend stack provides everything app developers need to build truly real-time user interfaces that run in any modern browser, including:

  • A foundation framework for real-time applications that runs in Node.js and web browsers.
  • A streaming API client for consuming multiplexed streaming APIs.
  • A UI engine for efficiently rendering real-time user interfaces at high frame rates.
  • A UX toolkit with reusable views and controllers tailor-made for real-time user experiences.
  • Real-time data visualizations, including procedurally animated graphs, charts, and gauges.
  • Real-time map overlays that display live geospatial visualizations on top of third-party base maps.

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