Class BigIntegerForm

    • Constructor Detail

      • BigIntegerForm

        public BigIntegerForm​(BigInteger unit)
    • Method Detail

      • unit

        public BigInteger unit()
        Description copied from class: Form
        Returns a default–possibly null–value of type T. Used as the fallback return value when coercing an invalid structural value.
        unit in class Form<BigInteger>
      • mold

        public Item mold​(BigInteger value)
        Description copied from class: Form
        Converts a nominally typed Java object into its structurally typed equivalent. The returned Item must never be null.
        Specified by:
        mold in class Form<BigInteger>
      • cast

        public BigInteger cast​(Item item)
        Description copied from class: Form
        Converts a structurally typed item into a nominally typed Java object. The passed-in item is assumed to be non-null.
        Specified by:
        cast in class Form<BigInteger>