Interface Timer

    • Method Detail

      • timerContext

        TimerContext timerContext()
        Returns the context used to manage this Timer. Returns null if this Timer is not bound to a Schedule.
      • setTimerContext

        void setTimerContext​(TimerContext timerContext)
        Sets the context used to manage this Timer. A TimerContext is assigned when binding this Timer to a Schedule.
      • runTimer

        void runTimer()
        Executes scheduled logic when this Timer fires.
        Specified by:
        runTimer in interface TimerFunction
      • timerWillSchedule

        void timerWillSchedule​(long millis)
        Lifecycle callback invoked before this Timer is scheduled for execution.
      • timerDidCancel

        void timerDidCancel()
        Lifecycle callback invoked after this Timer is explicitly cancelled.